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Investments that align with your goals.

Our specialized team will help determine your investment profile and once the account is open you can check the movements in your account 24/7.

Inversso Preservation

Focuses on capital preservation. It has small growth and low volatility. Ideal for investors that are looking for stability over growth.

Inversso Staircase

Has an objective of moderate growth. It has a small amount of volatility and focuses on growing slowly. Ideal for investors that are looking for growth without high volatility.

Inversso Growth

Focused on growth. It is the most aggressive of the three portfolios, it has market volatility and it is expected to generate the strongest performance in the long term.

Grow your capital 

This is the growth your money would’ve had in Inversso, if you had invested $5,000 in 2010.

Source: Inversso LLC, September 2023. Quarterly data from January 2010 to September 2023. This image is for illustration purposes only, it is not an indication or recommendation for trading. Past performance does not guarantee future performance.
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Professional advisory with low entry requirements

Inversso is one of the few companies in the world that gives high level advisory in the United States market focusing on investors that reside outside the US.

We have a team of specialized advisors with more than 15 years of experience in the US Market. Our goal is to give foreigners access to the level of advice and expertise of the traditional investors in the US without the high entry level requirements. We want to help you invest in an agile, professional, and transparent way.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Here you can find an answer to most questions regarding Inversso.

Exactly, what is Inversso?

Inversso is an investment advisory platform for non-US citizens nor residents. We help you open an investment account in the United States and provide the investment advise you need to start investing. We will invest for you, based on your risk profile and investment objectives.

How does Inversso work?

  1. To be able to advise and invest on your behalf, first you need to open an investment account and deposit cash. To begin the account opening process, follow this link:
  2. With your information, we will pre-fill the Charles Schwab account documents that need to be signed. You will receive them by email so you can check them, print them, and sign them by hand. This process is required by Schwab in this manner.  You can scan the documents back to us when they are fully signed.
  3. Once the documents are signed, Charles Schwab will review them according to the laws in  the United States. If everything is correct, they will open your account. The account starts with a zero balance and you do not have to send any money until the account is open under your name.
  4. When the  account is open, we will send you an email with the account information, the online access instructions and the international wire information. With the wire instructions you can proceed to send the money to your investment account. When the money is received, you will be able to see it online.
  5. Once the money is credited in your account, we will start investing based on your risk assessment and investment objectives. At this stage, you are now a United States investor!

Where will my money be located?

Your account will be under your name held by one of the best custodians in the world,  Charles Schwab. A custodian is as if you had a safe for your investments. Your cash and positions will always be there unless you request a movement of any kind.

Inversso does not have access to your money without your permission. Our role is to be your advisor and trade for you based on your investment profile. We will buy and sell investments on your behalf, but we do not have access to your account in any other way. 

What happens if I want to withdraw my money?

You have the flexibility to move your money whenever you want. If you want to withdraw from the account, we first must sell your positions. It is important to note that we will sell at market price, and that could mean you will have a gain or a loss in the position depending on the price of that day. If you want to proceed with a partial or complete sale, these are the steps to do so:

  1. Write an email to  notifying that you want to sell your positions. We need a letter, signed by hand by all signers in the account in order to sell all the positions and wire the money to the account of your preference. We will provide you with the letter when the email is received by us.
  2. Once the letter is received, we will take about 24 business hours to process your request. Schwab also must approve of the money wire. 
  3. When all is set and approved, a wire will leave your Schwab account. The cost of this  wire is $25. If the instructions are all set correctly, you should have the money in your preferred bank account in about 48 business hours. 

What is the investment minimum?

$2,000 United States Dollars

Can I make a wire to/from my local bank, that is not located in the USA?

Yes, you may. If the country where the bank is located is approved by Schwab, you can send and receive money in that account.

How do I open my investment account?

First, get these documents ready to open the account:

  • A full spread scan of your Passport page that has your photograph and personal information.
  • A scan of both sides (if applicable) of your national ID
  • proof of residence that includes your name and your exact residential address. This could be a bank statement, a utility invoice or any government document that includes the information requested.

With these documents you should go to and click where it says “I want to invest.” There you will be prompted to an online questionnaire that will help us open your investment account.

How do I know Inversso exists, and my money is in a safe location?

Inversso is a company created in the United States and regulated by the SEC and FINRA. Those are the most important regulators in their financial market. 

Our business model has been in practice since the 1950´s in the United States, but it has been limited for non-US residents and non-US citizens. We have created this platform to give access to people around the world to high quality service, advise and financial markets, with the strongest regulations possible. That is why Inversso decided to be regulated by the US and to invest in that market. The money will always be under your name; Inversso never has access to it without your written consent.

Do I have access to view my investments?

Yes, you have access to your account 24/7 using Charles Schwab webpage and app. 

Does Inversso charge a commission?

Yes, for our advisory role we charge a 2% per year commission. The charge is made monthly and is debited automatically from your Schwab account. No one in Inversso will ever ask you for cash directly. 

For example:

  • If you invest $5,000 on January 1st, the annual commission would be $100 (2% of $5,000).
  • If we divide that in  12 months, then you would get charged $8.3 that month.

If, during February, your investment increased to $5,100 then:

  • 2% of $5,100 is $102 per year
  • If we divide that in 12 months, then you would get charged $8.5 that month.


If, during March, your investment decreased and now it’s worth $4,800, then:

  • 2% of $4,800 is $96 per year
  • If we divide that amount in 12 months, then you would get charged $8 that month.

What happens if I have an emergency or situation with my money?

The Inversso team is here to help. Send us an email at or a message to our WhatsApp  as it suits you best.

The money is yours, always.

We are regulated by the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) and FINRA in the United States to comply with all the regulations, transparency and accountability that is required by United States law. Inversso has been an SEC approved Registered Investment Adviser since 2018.

Your investment account will be held at Charles Schwab, one of the world’s top custodians. Schwab holds your account and Inversso gives advice and invests your money. Any movement of funds, cash or transfers must be authorized by you. Inversso cannot move cash in or out of your account without your approval.


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Not insured by FDIC • Investments may lose value • Past performance does not guarantee future results